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About The Product Sharing my convictions as a man of duty, this will be another challenge beyond my professional activities and my desire to put my inventions, to contribute to the harmonious development and well-being of its population through cooperation in all over the world. We have started with the slogan “Innovations for the Best Future” which is wide renewed focus on innovations. For Consolid Global, innovation is a journey. We are saying all the time that we’re committed to innovation, new ways of thinking and new pathways to growth, solutions for important problems and value creation. Consolid Global is proud to announce that our WIPO Patent Application for the “CEOMAX New Generation Energy Saving Device” is granted in Intellectual Patent Offices of Russian Federation, The USA, 28 EU member countries including UK, Switzerland and Turkey, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia and China separately in last days of the year 2019. We are motivated to do things better, to innovate, to provide simple solutions to a global challenge and would like to promote our new and unique “CEOMAX New Generation Energy Saving Device” technology for its beneficiaries worldwide and will start the process of getting technology into the hands of people with the slogan “Ultimate Performance, Maximum Saving”. Two of the greatest ecological concerns the world faces are fuel economy and pollution, particularly polluting emissions from internal combustion engines. The world is beginning to realize that there is not an endless supply of fuel in the earth. As a result, the cost of fuel keeps increasing and the need to conserve fuel has become more important than ever. With the energy shortage reaching worldwide proportions, especially with respect to petroleum- based fuels, the need to burn such fuels efficiently has never been of greater importance. Prof. Dr. Cengizhan ERYILMAZ / Inventor - Chairman / CEO